Persons of Interest

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Jim Smiley, The Whole Works

“Persons of Interest” by Jim Smiley

My new friend looked at me intently. “Wait a damn second. You’re a Southerner?”

I puffed out my chest and made pigeon noises. “Enough. I’m actually just a border ruffian from Southwest Missouri.”

Lou laughed. “I think to be a Southerner is to be forever in a state of exile.”

“I think I agree, but is it because we know that no one, ever, lives up to the bullshit they preach in church? And everyone who knows better would rather live in exile than be a hypocrite?”

“You might have read some Flannery O’Connor.”

“I might have, at that.” I took a deep breath. “But if what we say is true, then that means the place we love is less about the geography than the people.”

“That means the people are the geography.”

Point taken.

The upshot? Get out there. People are interesting. Pull on your hip waders, and prepare to bullshit!


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