Aaron Hilton

Aaron Hilton

Aaron was born in Portland, Oregon in the early seventies. Fearing gang elements on the rise, his parents relocated to Yamhill County. In that isolated country environment the seeds of his imagination were planted. From comic books to pen-and-paper role-playing games and a creative writing class throughout high school, his passion for storytelling grew. The very next day after graduation, Aaron moved back to Portland to put down new roots in the City of Roses, a backwater town that’s primed his enthusiasm for mysteries. While holding down a job in the first Hollywood Video store, then moving on to the Fred Meyer Main Office, Aaron continued writing as a hobby. Today, he’s been an alarm control operator for over a decade, is a member of Willamette Writers, and completing the first two books in a five-book cycle about grungy private eyes who investigate crimes that are off the grid. The titles for the first three books are: The Grunge Operatives, 80 Proof Vendettas, and Burying The Hatchet.

Visit his personal blog at Musings of Mayhem.


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